Thursday, September 12, 2013

Course Map and Details

The course info for the Moonshine Metric can be found here.  If you're the GPS type, you can get your GPX files there.  If you're the cue sheet type, I'll have those posted later on and will have some at the start.  If you're the minimalist type, you can just hang back and ride with me.

If you rode last years Moonshine you can pretty much expect the same for this year in terms of road conditions, barring rain.  I rode the course a few weeks ago and it was dry dry dry.  Unless we get some good rainfall in the next week you should expect a couple miles of cocoa powder B roads and lots of dust.  Additionally, the B roads haven't seen squat in the way of maintenance this year so the first two mile stretch (about two miles into the ride) is rutted out, overgrown and gnarly.  I don't suggest sucking any wheels in this stretch.

Expect plenty of this.

At around mile 31 we'll turn onto a closed road.  There's a bridge along it, with a couple mounds of dirt blocking either side.  It's passable though, so we won't be routing around it.  Just consider it a bonus B road.

 Some bushwhacking required.

At mile 44-ish we'll pass a Casey's, and apart from an early bar that we ride by in Sutliff this will be your only opportunity for resupply.  They're open 24 hours, so no worries about them being closed when we come through.

At mile 50, there's a wheel eating bridge at the bottom of a steep hill.  BE CAREFUL HERE!  We'll lay down some plywood to give you some good surfaces to ride on, but we won't be covering the entire bridge.  If you stick to the tracks worn into the gravel you should hit the plywood sections, but you still want to proceed with caution.  It's gonna be dark after all.

Those are 45mm tires.

Apart from that it's pretty much standard fare for a summertime Midwest gravel grinder. 

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