Tuesday, August 27, 2013


For about 7 hours last night I had the wrong state listed for the ride location (oops).  It has since been corrected but I wanted to clarify that it will be held in the great state of Iowa, land of corn, butter cows and Matt Maxwell's beard. 

Thanks to G-ted for the proofread.

Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Details and Registration

Date and time:
Saturday, September 21st.  Rollout at 7pm.

Mount Vernon, IA.  We will be leaving from the intersection of Webster Road and HWY 1 (near Davis park).

Entry fee: 
Minimum of one high five, fist bump or Ryu-style Hadoken to be delivered to your host or another rider of your choosing.  Also, if you want to bring food or drink to share then that's cool too (but not required).

Course info:
65 miles consisting of about 80% gravel, 10% B roads and 10% pavement.  There is one resupply opportunity at mile 44 (Solon, IA) that should be open until at least 11pm, but I'll check on that.  Total climbing is around 3500ft with a mix of flat and rolling terrain.

If you're the hotel/motel type, there are two options in Mount Vernon.  The Sleep Inn and the Mount Vernon Motel.  If you're the camping type, you're welcome to pitch a tent in my back yard (near the start/finish line).  There's plenty of room back there with only one caveat...  I live two blocks from busy railroad tracks.  I'd suggest bringing ear plugs or enough booze to sleep through the horns.  There's also camping available a few miles away at Palisades-Keppler state park if that's more your flavor.  Protip:  It's a lot quieter there.

What's the plan?
This ride is intended to be no-droppish in nature, though cues and GPX files will be provided so that you can ride ahead at your leisure.  I will personally be riding at the back, as long as the tail end of the group is holding a 10MPH overall average.  That'll be about a 10.5 to 11MPH rolling average, so bear that in mind.  If you ride slower then that's cool, but be sure to bring a set of cue sheets or a GPS with the course loaded as I'll be riding ahead.  At the finish, we'll have a fire going and plenty of food for everyone.  Beverages of an alcoholic nature are up to up to you though.  Bring a chair if you plan on hanging out.  The last two years we've stayed up pretty late comparing knitting recipes and other such manly things.

To register for the Moonshine Metric, all you need to do is send me an email at craig@projectbackroads.com with your name and where you're from.  This gives me an idea of how many people will show up so I can plan accordingly, so please don't assume I know or just show up on the day of the ride.  I won't be posting a roster online this year, so I'll respond to your email for confirmation.

I'll be posting regular updates between now and the ride date, including gear suggestions, course conditions and other important information, so be sure to check back regularly.  Thanks, and I look forward to seeing you there.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moonshine Metric 2013

The preliminary date for this year's Moonshine Metric is September 21st, rolling from Mount Vernon, IA at 7pm.  Details and sexy new race flyer to be posted later this week.